Saturday, March 31, 2012

Gallery Walls

I have a lot of paintings and art work that I have inherited over the years as well as a pile in my studio waiting to be framed.  Shameful I know. That much art work combined with not a very large house can make for some cluttered walls.   Here is some inspiration on how to hang multiple pieces of art the right way. 

 Simple black frames makes different size pictures feel cohesive.

Not too matchy matchy but notice how to subject matter is all similar.

Lots of tiny pieces full up this hallway wall.

Some of the frames on this wall are larger that the art itself letting the wall color act as a border around the image like matting would. 

Gallery walls don't just apply to two dimensional paintings and photographs.  Display your collections like they are works of art. 

Skip the frames for a casual gallery wall by Sibella Court. 

Show off you jewelry collection for a beautiful and functional wall. 

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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Vintage Door Table

This vintage desk/table from Italian handmade boutique, Manoteca is absolutely amazing. Recycled using natural materials and stains, it can be used as a dining room table for up to 8 people or a work table complete with raw hide storage pouches.  Manoteca specializes in refurbishing and re-purposing unique, one of a kind antique items and bringing them back to life in an interesting and modern way. 

Thursday, March 22, 2012


Words by Thoreau. Image adapted from this photo

Alexa Style

I'm loving these photos from Vero Moda's Spring 2012 collection.  The styling, the colors, the patterns, the loafers! Which one is your favorite?

Hello Haberdasher


     1. An utterance of "hello", a greeting


     1. A merchant of curious notions and small wares
     2. A dealer in small articles such as buttons, zips and ribbons